Behind the scenes of a success story

Discover all the secrets behind Sophie la girafe® that make it a toy with a devoted following!

A 100% natural rubber toy

The latex from the Hevea tree was first processed in 1928 using the
vulcanization technique invented by Mr. Charles Goodyear..

The rubber used by Vulli comes exclusively from the Hevea trees
growing in Malaysia. Each morning before the heat of the day
settles in, the milky liquid that oozes from the cells beneath the
bark is collected from these millions of Hevea trees. This liquid is
known as “latex”.

This latex is natural, soft, elastic, waterproof, insulating and pleasant
to the smell and touch.

To create the little wonder that is Sophie la girafe, Vulli first heats
the latex using a special process involving the „rotomoulding“
technique and then performs a series of 14 manual operations.

Still the same, even after more than 50 years…

Despite being born in 1961, Sophie la girafe has not aged in the

With over 50 million units sold, she is the undisputed star among

The quintessential symbol of a child’s first early learning toy, she is
a must-have item that enjoys genuine affection on the part of
parents and children around the world.

Sophie la girafe is timeless and intergenerational.

Discover Sophie la girafe’s manufacturing process through the
video below.

The Sophie la girafe® Film

Enter the world of Sophie la girafe® to learn all about the secrets involved in its production!


A unique product, produced according to exceptional high quality standards

The Vulli company has always placed the quality of its products at the heart of its concerns. For over fifty years, consumers have placed their trust in us and we do our utmost to satisfy them.A unique product, produced according to exceptional high quality standards

All of our products sold worldwide comply with European and global legislated standards. As such, Vulli provides its clients with products that comply with the very highest requirements. Regardless of the regulations in force in the country where they are sold, the same products are sold worldwide, meeting the most stringent legislation in all areas. Vulli has only one requirement, namely, providing the very best to our customers.

We have even gone one step further in terms of the quality that goes into the 100% natural rubber Sophie la girafe. In fact, since July 2011, each Sophie la girafe produced has her lot number printed on the back of a leg, enabling full product traceability (production date and relevant laboratory analysis).

Each number corresponds to a batch tested by an approved laboratory and certifies its compliance with European and international standards. In case of doubt, health authorities can access these analytical reports. Moreover, we believe that we are the only toy manufacturer worldwide to offer such a high level of batch traceability, and therefore a high safety level for our consumers.

Check out the analysis reports.