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The Vulli story

Sophie the Giraffe Collection
50years of Sophie the Giraffe

Created in 1945 and in the early days specialising in mechanical toys, over the years VULLI S.A. has become a famous specialist in the world of infant welfare and early learning toys.

For more than 60 years, Vulli has designed and created products adapted to the various stages of a child's development.

A few significant events...

1945: Creation of the VULLIERME Establishments by Mr. Joseph Vullierme. This company, working as a craft industry, manufactured cut-out and pressed metal parts.

1947: The first trade mark: MONT-BLANC Toys. Manufacture of the first mechanical toys.

1954:  The Company became a Limited Company. Manufacture of increasingly technical articles: tanks, trucks, radio-controlled cranes and trains... The Mont Blanc Toys brand name became established on the French toy market.

1961:  Creation of Sophie la girafe® on May 25 within the Delacoste company located on the rue de Nazareth in Paris.

1964:  Following a fire that damaged nearly the whole of the factory, new premises were rebuilt (8,000 m²) in the Rumilly, France area (74).

1976:  A new name: The Company was now called CREATION VULLIERME.

1980:  Creation of the VULLI brand name. Takeover of the MASSON company (roller skates and balloons) and the DELACOSTE company (Sophie la girafe).

1982:  Expansion of the company. It now comprised 296 people spread over 3 establishments:

  • Rumilly => 20,000 m² (plastic toys and balloons)
  • Asnières s/ Oise => 5,000 m² (rubber toys)
  • Lyon => 1,000 m² (roller skates)

1989: The Company was taken over by the Alain THIRION group (which already owned the JOUSTRA brand name).

2000: Vulli obtained the Grand Prix du Jouet awarded by the "Revue du Jouet" for its product: Sophie the giraffe's Garden.

2010:  The Vulli Company is still based in Rumilly.  Sophie la girafe is still made in the workshops along with many other products.

Sophie la girafe® is a complete collection of products which meet all baby's needs, at any time of day and at each stage of his growth.

Outside of France, Sophie la girafe® has also been adopted by thousands of babies and she can be found today in more than 40 countries and on all continents.

"This toy is absolutely wonderful in every way. Sophie is made of soft rubber and makes a pleasant-sounding squeak whenever any part of her body is squeezed, so even a young baby can elicit a reaction from the toy with minimal effort."

"My four month old is obsessed with Sophie. She can't get enough of it. It is easy for her to hold and bring to her mouth. She just started to teeth and Sophie appears to give her some relief. She also loves the "squeak" sound it makes and is able to make it squeak all by herself. I love that it is easy to wash, small, and not cutesy or fussy. I highly recommend this item."

She is also the product loved by babies of world-famous Stars, and among others, she has been chosen by...