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Our Values

Sophie the Giraffe Collection
50years of Sophie the Giraffe

The Vulli Company is very conscious of ecology and the problems of sustainable development, as its products and its in-house policies bear witness:

  • Sophie la girafe® whose composition is based on rubber made from 100% natural Hevea sap.
  • The development of the Klorofil range, which is very much focussed on environmental protection. While he plays with this highly entertaining range of toys, the child's awareness of concepts such as ecology, renewable energies or the protection of endangered species is increased.
    And Vulli goes even further in this direction, organising an annual contest, with prizes to be won such as nights spent in tree-houses deep in the natural environment. This operation is carried out in collaboration with the "La cabane en l'air" company www.lacabaneenlair.com
  • The plaster used for the manufacture of Sophie la girafe® is sorted separately so it is brought into service in its sector and therefore in its primary function.
  • Even the plastic bags are put aside to be recycled.
  • An audit was set up in the company in order to reduce waste efficiently and raise the staff's awareness of this cause.